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29 July, 1916

"The Pilgrimage"
It aint no use in swearin,
It aint no use to fret
It aint no use agrousin
Or getting all upset
The wilderness is rotten
All dust & flies & tears
But the Israelites they stood it
For years , & years ,& years

The Willie  €“ willies choke you
The dust storms get you down
The red sun spoils your beauty
And burns you blue & brown
The drought is simply shocking
And the thirst our Squadron fears
Will only be abolished
By Beers, & beers, & beers.

The war wont last for ever,
This scrap will soon be done,
And we'll have done our little bit
A straffing of the Hun,
And when we get back home again
And greet our little dears
All thoughts of Egypt will be drowned
In Cheers & cheers & cheers.
By Bluegum

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