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24 March, 1916
Gabul Mirium
The Doctor came out this morning & told us that he thought we would be relieved to morrow so a general downcastedness is upon us. We have been having a happy go lucky life here not a care & little duty. During the day we cast aside clothes for the greatest party of the day, a hat & a towel being considered ample attire when a boat is passing by, it is only when the signallers give us the office that the Major, Col or the General that there is a general putting on of clobber. I wonder what they would think if we presented arms dressed in towels & hats  €“ It livens one up to see the boats passing occasionally & I don't know how we are going to carry all, our tobacco & cigarettes back. Johno is telling me about Flanagan & is amused about his phrases "Let Gone bye be Gone bye" says Flan. Flanagan has also been a butcher we have learned he carried the basket round for a few months.

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