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1 Jan, 1917
Well its the beginning of another year & a queer old start it is. I came out here this morning with Perce Sherry & a few others on a patrol. Its a wretched day, cold & windy, the sand cuts ones eyes out  €“ Bill Talford & I made a billy of soup with a couple of peasoup sausages  €“ it was just the thing but dinner was not exactly a success as there is too much sand blowing. We tried a game of bridge but between wind & sand we had a rough spin & had to turn it in  €“ I wonder what this year will bring? its sure to be eventful; not many would be game to profecy where or how we will be situated next New Year. I sincerely hope we will be away out of the Sinai sands before then. I think we will.

Bayoud 6 pm
What a day its been to be sure, if to day is a sample of the year, then 1917 will be a corker. The desert has been turned back to front to day, the hills with straight backs to the south have straight backs to the north now & curves to the south. The track was obliterated for our return, our eyes & faces were cut with the sand, it was murder. The camp looks like as if there had been a snow storm over it, its all covered with fresh white sand

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