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9 Dec, 1916
Perce forgot to warn the men for observation posts this morning, so we had a bit of hurry up at stand to when he told us we had to go out. We took our quarts with us & boiled them out there & with the aid of a tin of bully bread & marmalade & a cake of Spurway's we made a pretty decent breakfast. We sighted King's Patrol about 10 o clock & got into communication with him, he reported firing East of [Russett?], so Smithy flashed the message along to the camp. Later we heard the deep engine note of a taube it hove into sight flying high as usual, keeping south of the camp & making West. He flew almost directly over the post I was on, we heard the crackle of his Luis gun at the camp & I took a couple of pots at him. One would have thought that the shots had scared him for he wheeled his machine about & went back for his life the way he came.

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