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7 February, 1916
All we had to do this morning was pack our saddles, then we had an early dinner 12 o'clock, parading at 1.15  €“ It was a Brigade affair & they took us out on the desert, formed us up & had our photos taken. The Brigade looked well when formed up but on the whole the marching was bad. My mare went any way & I was glad when we got back. We did not get back until nearly 5 oclock & were in the saddle the whole time. I tell you my arm ached with the weight of the rifle for we were at the "Advance" nearly the whole time. Every one was growling at the other about the dressing & cramming  €“ it was funny to hear the arguments.

Joe Woods & I went for a walk around Maadi this evening & ended up with cup of tea at the Soldiers Club. To morrow we are to go for a route march to Heloun where we are to bivouac for the night  €“ I hope its not wet or too cold, a terrible dew falls at this time of year & its not too good sleeping out. Two or three of our chaps have gone into hospital  €“ they will have to go back to the Details I'm afraid. Its funny they tell us in the Regiment that if we do not shake ourselves together we are likely to be put back into the details, & in the Details they are told that if they do not do their drill properly they will be shoved into the Regiment. It's a dead funny World

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