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16 May, 1916
At ten to three we had to get up & tighten girths & by three we were on the road again  €“ A troop were advance gaurd & later on B came up on our left. It was terrible country we passed through all enormous sand hills In places the horses would bog in the soft sand to their knees. We rode out & I lost count of time & every now & then I used to have a pull at the boiling water bottle The day was terrible a hot easterly blowing, learned that it was 120&degrees; in the shade at camp. We passed through a newly deserted enemy camp, some of them were such as they emshied. We did not get a shot but the New Zs had a couple of horses shot & captured 30 Bedouins These did not come back & they did not tell what happened to them. We halted past this old camp, B & C troop on the left were lucky they came on some wells & troughs so were able to give their horses a drink. My mare was panting & showed signs of fatigue After a bout an hour we turned & came back I finished up the water to celebrate the occasion, After a long while we came on a patch of palms where the

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