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2 Nov, 1916
Hill 70 Sinai
The first Brigade passed here to day at dinner time on its way out. Goodness knows how far out they are going, expect that they are releaving the 3rd Bde. It will be our turn next I think though some seem to think it will be some time yet before we roll up blankets. I heard Jackson the officer's cook going crook to-day, he was told that six officers of the first Bde were calling in for dinner & seventeen of them rolled up. Guess some one would have to go short. Im pretty sore on it. B sqd played A sqd footer this after noon, it was a hard match & they beat us three to nil. Reckon the exercise is doing me the world of good, I fed up a treat to night at tea & Barnes & I are going to give the Y.M. a call soon & sample their cocoa.
I was on picquet last night & to day Im glad to get the duty in - I'll have a few evenings to myself now. We have been issued with tunics & hats the tunics finish far to soon dont do down much below a chaps waist while the hats have a six inch brim.

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