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5 February, 1916
It is raining again, it is becoming a terrible place for rain, this Egypt. Saturday it's a sort of clean up day & during the afternoon we do nothing except feed the horses on green stuff. I received a letter from Bert. He is on the Canal at a place called "Serapeum", Ive never heard of it. The boys in the tent were talking of Anzac when I left, they do not speak of it as a rule  €“ Fisky was there, he did not get over, but got 14 days in detention for trying to scale across. Joe Woods went into Cairo on leave & Harold Laebrand went with him.

Harold was on pickquet but tossed "Sonno" who would do the lot, & I had to answer his name for him. The water is coming through the roof & most of the boys have to give up writing. I have struck a dry patch, in between the drips so am lucky. The roofs in Egypt are mostly flat, they are not made to keep the water out. If things keep going on like this though they will all have to get new roofs on their houses.

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