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27 April, 1916
On patrol 6 miles out from our camp 30 miles from Canal  €“ We were on out post last night & came in about 5.0 am & saddled up & were out as a patrol again at 6.0 am. We saw nothing until we got to a little village called Quazia or Katia & on the hill past this we saw a lot of dead Tommies & Turks, they were stripped of most of their clothes & look a horrible sight.

we are at present posted on the hill in front as out-post while the main body bury the poor chaps. Behind the little grass bumps on the hill here are numbers of Turkish emptied shells & clips. The insects are so bad my mare wont give me a moments rest. There were about 70 dead buried, mostly Tommies. They must have put up a great fight against big odds. The horse lines were a distressing sight. The horses were all lying dead, tied up to the lines. We watered our horses at a big well & came in to camp arriving there hungary about sundown. We were pleased to see that there was plenty of food for us when we got in.

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