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17 Sept, 1916
We started out at 5.0 pm yesterday & it was rather a decent sight to see the troops move off accross the long desert slopes in the glow of the evening sun. Our folk in old Aust would think it great to see their boys on a parade like that. We took the flanks of the column, riding in pairs, a few chain apart. My horse walked like a good 'un. It was along ride, but it was not unpleasant though we got very weary towards morning, what would a chap have given for a good old snooze! We had frequent halts, but day light found us on a big flat dried up salt lake & we wondered where the Turks were & why there was no rifle fire for the "fift" were out in front & we reckoned they ought to be into it. We messed about a good lot then finally A & B tps were sent to a post on the left flank Here we had a good view of the movements of the troops in front. Later there was a bit of artillery play & some rifle fire & planes circling round but it was tame a far as we were concerned

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