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28 Oct, 1916
Hill 70 Sinai
Back in camp again. I have felt a sort of home sickness since I came back & it is developing into a beastly feeling of restlessness; guess if we dont soon make a shift some where I'll go dilly. Godber wants to know how a man who is "Maknoon" go "maknoon" perhaps there is something in the suggestion of his remark. Any how a weeks leave is no good, notlong enough by a 1/4. Last night I was on Picquet a nice change after Sidi Bashr & Alex; had beetles off the chaff bags crawling over me all night. The leave to Alex is cut out now so I must be thankful to get have got my week in; they are giving a week to Port Said instead. Wouldnt have Port Said on my mind after Alex; no comparison. Joe Woods is due home to night I am anxious to see Joe to see how he got on after I left there as he had some thing of special interest in view. Harold [Liabrand?], Beuzeville, & Tom Sherry put in for the camel corp to day, can almost hope that Pom wont get in. Hes a good sort & I'll miss the old sport if he goes  €“ Tom sent £2.0.0 with Joe Woods when he was coming to Alex to me, it was deuced thoughtful of him.

[Maknoon  €“ Slang, mad]

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