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18 March, 1916
Gabul Mirium
It was late when we moved off & there was some speculation as to our destination when we began to move upwards along the bank of the freshwater canal, we did not go very far though before we boore over to the right to the Suez Canal; it was heavy going through the sand for the horses, they had a big load on, all our blankets had to be strapped on the saddles.
We halted behind some trees growing on the side of a small fresh water channel near the Suez Canal & after a while started to go down our horse lines. before we finished however some of us were told to go to a post some distance away Perce said we could ride  ½ a mile hand over the horses then would have to do 5 mls boot & that made us think a bit & after we had ridden over a mile I was wondering if the next 5 miles were on the same scale as the first half? About two miles away we came to a neck of water, off the Suez C & here we dismounted & had to punt across 6 at a time. It was blowing a treat. Another  ¼ mile & we were at our post. Perce & I were on duty 3 hours on & 3 off all night, it was cold & a bit wet

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