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Aug, 1916
These titbits are out of Rowdy's note book they took my eye as I know just what they are all about. Rowdy came in with the first batch of wounded from Romani, he is a cheerful cus & I have not been quite able to set myself down & rest since the wounded came in. My hand was in splints then but I felt pretty discontented to think that the boys out there were hoeing into it & I in here missing the whole blanky lot. The boys are all doing well, Im glad of that some of the less serious have already gone back to Montasa or the Regiment, these bullet wounds seem to heal quickly. The sisters have been worked to death nearly in this ward as its full of wounded, almost all the other cases being shifted to other wards. I being left here because the Doc grafted some skin on my hand & he was keeping his eye on me. The boys did splendidly out at Romani I believe. The Colonel went O.K. & was wounded out at Katia while wanting to see that all the boys got clear when they had to fall back.

[Battle of Romani. 4/5 August]

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