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8 Dec, 1916
I was waked up this morning from a sweet sleep by Sullys circular-saw- voice murmering Stand-to & very reluctantly crawled out of the blankets & donned the bandolier & Bayonet. Whew its cold these mornings, & bed is beautiful  €“ Spurway came to light with some steak which he had saved from last night, it went well for breakfast, later as I was writing he brought down some nuts & lollies from his parcel for me to sample, Gal did likewise when he got home, & for tea he cut the cake from his parcel; its unfortunate that a tin of Kiwi was put in the same parcel as it certainly did not improve the flavour of the cake, Spurway said it reminded him of Joe Gardiners Boot Store. This evening 30 Reeoes [Reinforcements] came with 30 horses. The horses were not a very classy lot, there was some fun when the sergeants were picking them. Barnes came with his lot, they stuck him on Picquet to night. Gal tells of a mail at El Hassanya & a lot of gift stuff for the Regiment. I was reading of a conscription meeting at Newtown, Im glad Im not from there, theyre a poor cold footed mob - Three cheers for the Kiaser, I reckon that s the deadliest limit.

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