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15 February, 1916
It has been raining to day. Just a mizzle but unpleasant. This morning Capt Ryrie took the squadron off parade for drill, he formed us into "Line of troop Collum" when we got out on the desert & then gave "Trot" then Gallop. I wonder what Roley Weston would have said, had he been with us. He used to call the Capt "Don't over do it Harold" We had quite a decent morning & I enjoyed it. This after noon we did not go out as it was wet but they dug us up out of our tents & took us into the stables & stood us there for an hour, just to keep us from going to sleep in the tents  €“ I think I got 4 letters to day one was from Mr Gibbons  €“ I was pleased to hear from him

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