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5 April, 1916
Selhai [Salhia]
This morning they turned us out at three oclock, & it was all bustle. When watering horses we struck trouble & were delayed but got away shortly after six. It was a long dreary ride across the desert to this place about 25 miles but into a fine camp here. We have the lines down & the tents up & already are more comfortable than at Serapeum. We have mess sheds here which are a boon after the sand. I felt a new man after a good [indecipherable]
& a shave

Tom was telling me how he was up before the Major this morning, he came along with the baggage on the train & it appears that he was doing a galloping stunt on a donk in the village here & rode express into a café where the Brigade Major was having some eggs etc. the donc propped & slid along the floor knocking the B.M's table over. Tom was told to be more careful in future. I fancy the young beggar has been having a good time. hes wearing a vivid red handkerchief round his neck & I heard him tell Johno that he does not know how it came to be in his possession

[General Chauvel moved his headquarters from Serapeum to Sahlia]

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