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10 June, 1916
Port Said
I have had a couple of days in this place Received 48 hrs leave on Thursday & will have to catch the 6.30 train back this evening. It is a very dead sort of place. nothing doing at all, but at least I have had a change & it was a pleasure to be able to turn into bed between nice clean sheets & stay there at your own sweet will, This morning I heard that a transport with Australian troops on board was in the harbour so I got a little boat & went accross but saw no one knew then I went around the harbour. We rode into Kantara the other night & I have been wondering if they will bring our horses in for us this evening.

The trams are characters here; there is only one narrow gauge single line with a series of loops. I tried to get a garry to take me to the native quarter but as that part is out of bounds I had to fall back on the old tram & such a tram it was, I felt ashamed of it. We went out all right, a mule pulled it along & was quiet spry but on the return journey the old mule felt tired & every time the tram stopped there was some kicking & bucking before it started again. We had three changes of mules in a mile.

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