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20 March, 1916
Gabul Mirium
Ever since we left Serapeum there has been a stiff cold wind blowing, it makes the days rather unpleasant One thing on this post one can see something of the boats passing backwards & forwards along the Canal, last night a big P & O boat passed on its way to Australia. We are having a rosy time of it here, do nothing all day but eat & sleep or read, there is a good stock of old magazines on hand.

Cookie is the only one who does any graft he busies him self at the cook house all day. Porridge, bacon & eggs this morning, Meat & potatoes followed by preserved Pine apple & bread & jam for dinner & now we are wondering what is on the menu for tea The trouble is that they will not leave us on this post long, a week will just about see us out I think - Johno suggested that we should use ball ammunition if they come out to relieve us Each of us put 15 p.t into a mess account & a nigger comes out with the stuff on a donkey every day from Ismalia. It is fine to be away from the horses for a little while

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