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27 Dec, 1916
I took warning from the little demonstration the elements gave us yesterday afternoon & fixed my bivvy sheet up accordingly. It was lucky I did so as at lights out it came on to rain properly & continued on at more or less frequent intervals through the night. I was nice & comfortable & it was rather pleasant than other wise to hear it pelting down. All were not so well off. Brien settled down as per usual & when the rain came on he sat hunched up in a corner of his bivvy, he moved after a while & a wrinkle of blankets which had caught a good deal of water straightened out & sent the water under neath his shirt.

Brien was saying "Ferdie? (Ferdie was on picquet) "Ferdie? Is it breaking yet? Why did nt you give me warning about it" now Im all wet". This morning Brien grabbed his sox, they were wet, he got a brand new pair put them on, jammed a boot on it was half full of water; & to finish up grabbed his hat in a hurry, he was late, put it on, got his head wet, his hat was half full of water too. Tom Sherry scooped out a possie outside went to bed, the rain ran in & about him & he had a bath, had to change in the rain & make his bed over again, this time on high ground

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