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10 Sept, 1916
Last night Tom, Harold, Jim Draper & my self took up a very strong position in the vicinity of the canteen & they told me many a lurid tale. Tom said that the handiest stuff he ever struck was some compressed apricots of the turks that they left behind when they retreated. They ate it , built dug outs of it if no other use could be found for it, it could be used in a most dignified manner as a substitute for paper. When the boys were out at Ber el Abe it was cold at night & they had no blankets, & even the officers were lurking about trying to pinch any indiscreet bag that might be for a moment ungaurded. Weary Walker used some beautiful language because some 'Cow" had cut a lump off his bag. To day its go for your life. Saddles packed, rubbish burnt etc. Ive been allotted a many pointed horse (sticks out well at the joints) The little mare had to go for a spell. Every thing is ready for a shift first thing in the morning . So now here s Tom asking me to go on duty near the canteen again, as its his last night. I might as well

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