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8 Oct, 1916
Hill 70
We had a nice ride back from Bally Bunion, the sand was fairly firm for the horse's feet, although rats or some animal of the sort has made burrows all over the place which proved a bit troublesome. Noticed some pretty white flowers after the style of the dafodil, they seemed out of place in the desert; More appropriate to the place was the snake that Tom killed, he was a short thick chap like a [deather?] adder only he had spikes on his head, I remember seeing his picture some where when I was a kid & I used to think what a crook lot he looked, I had to go on in charge of the nights stable Picquet, its a twenty four hours job & I thought it would have releived me from a [indecipherable] church Parade but Perce insisted upon my going & put an R.C. in my place. however the old Parson preached a decent sort of sermon so it wasnt such a strain as I thought it would be.

I received seven letters to day three from [Dos?] two from Mum & two from Vie. there was also a photo of marg & Mother. We got paid yesterday so a lot of the chaps were pretty full last night. Corby was on second shift on Picquet & he talked to Burbank until his shift was up then turned into bed, had the hide to want Bur. to do 10 mins baksheesh for him. Now Im off to bed & wont I sleep just.

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