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5 Aug, 1916

Ballad of Waney's Desperate Doings

Now Waney's an Australian, an Australian to the core
The fighting blood is in him & he comes to every war
Now 'twas some where in Egypt that this desperado strayed
In fact I rather fancy he was 'on leave' in Port Said.

In a quiet secluded village, I think they call it Arab town
Where French damsels of ill virtue, & picquets hunt you down
Old Waney wandered slyly carrying quite a dozen beers
Till the cry of "Help us Aussie" made him prick up both his ears
And girding up his loin cloth like Horatios of old
With blue mettle in his pockets advanced with mien so bold

Now this awe inspiring spectre would the boldest man appal
For there stood three Light Horse men with their backs against a wall
And facing them two Gippos with their wives & several sons
Were forcibly demanding payment for some current buns

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