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29 January, 1916
I put in a very bad night last night with my leg so went to the Doctors this morning & he marked me exempt from duties. Bill told me to clear off so I came down here to the Y.M.C.A, tent, as they were pulling all our tents down this morning & having a general clean up. The concert went off well last night the place was packed & the chaps outside cut holes in the mat walls of the tent to see through. The concert finished up with a Farce given by the Maadi people, - it was good but not quite the sort of stuff the boys appreciate most.

There are rumours of fighting on & about the Canal & that the 1st LH Bde have had some casualties. The weather is beautiful just now, but cold of nights & mornings. The boys are in Cairo most nights so usually one is awakened at any old hour between "Lights Out" & "Reveille" as they return, - they are mostly pretty merry & one night one chap woke us all up so as we could see that he came home sober. This morning some of them got back  ½ an hour before the bugle & of course woke us up. the abuse they got was awful

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