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18 January, 1916
It was all bustle this morning. I had to look around to find any blankets for they were not to be found when I got home from Cairo. last night indeed at first I could not find anything, but after a look about found my saddle & got my coat off it & then got a spare couple of blankets so was alright. I got all my gear this morning except one blanket. We had to pack up this morning & be away by nine oclock. We went to Heloun & returned this afternoon. I feel tired & not much in the humour to take charge of the stable pickquet, however we have got all the horses fed & the men are posted so I think I will turn in. Some of the men who went away with a composite regiment have come back tonight. they had a couple of brushes with the enemy & dispersed them. I don't know where they were yet. That bally dentist kept my plate so I have to go in again to see him

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