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only natural thing to do. We talked also about the entry of the Bulgarians in the war whereupon he threw up his hands exclaiming 'Yes if we could only get them to come in all would be well' Hecasked me a great number of questions and when I was about to leave he said 'I wish you would draw me up a memorandum and let me have it some time t this evening on the whole situation as there is a Cabinet Councl tomorrow and I woild like to have it by me then. I would also like you to be present yourself to answer any questions which May be put to you. I then left rushed off and had lunch with Lady Hamilton wife of Sir Ian Hamilton. Mrs Pollen her sister whose husband is Military Secretary was also present to Sir Ian Hamilton and Lady Cunard.

I found Lady Hamilton very much worried about ten lack of success in Gallipoli but I think I managed to cheer her up a bit by assuring her that the Government intended to see the show through at all costs and would send out the necessary reinforcements. That afternoon I managed to get the memorandum finished although extremely weary and was just in time to dinw with Lady Elcho to meet Mr Balfour. Cynthia her daughter was the only other person present. I found Mr Balfour delightful to talk to as soon as the ice was broken. I discribed in minute detail to him the operations of the Fleet up to date including the loss of the Triumph and Majestic. I also discribed the state of the crews and of the military situation as well. I found that he was equally determined to see the expedition carried through at all costs. He seemed convinced of the necessity. He spoke very freely of the war and of his colleagues.He thoroughly understood when I told him

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