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home and empty threat which was quite lost on me because it is their not in their interests to let anyone home at present. However personally I like General Braithwaite and pointed out to him that a person who repeated private conversations was neither a gentleman or to be trusted in anyway. I requested his name but he refused to give it to me and said if I would refrain from doing so that the incident was at an end. So I let it stand at that. I had a further talk with Amery and Cunningham on the baot coming over. They did not see, at all confident that the Balkan Staes woud come in. Greece seems the most likely but they will not be in a position to move until after July 20th when Parliament meets.

Thursday June 30th
I remained at Imnros all day. Maxwell came to see me in the morning. He was very disgruntled because all our correspondence has to go direct to the Chief of the Staff and not to him. I suppose he has let things through of which they do not approve. He then went in some details of the intrigues against me whilst I was in England. He assured me he had protested vigorously against the appointment of Compton Mackenzie as he was very Gealous of the honour and prestige of the Press and saw it was merely a move to get an offical tame EyeWEitness in myplace. How much of all this is fact and how much fiction I am not at the present in a position to judge. But Maxwell is very angry with most of the Staff and the way he is treated. He says the intrigues which go on all round are a revelation to him and that never in his life has he had such an interesting time of the inner life of an army in the field. He said it was General Braithwaite plan to never let anyone have access

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