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Major Radcliffe then proceeded to unfold the great plan of campaign which it was hoped would open the gates of Constantinople to us. It was exactly the same as I had anticipated and have already named with the following distribution of troops. The I3th Division had been sent to reinforce Birdwood's Corps at Anzac togther with the 29th Brigade of the 10th division and the 29th Indian Brigade. The 11th Division and the 30th and 31st Brigades of the 10th Division were to land at three selected beaches in Anafarta Bay and endevour to push inland and seize the Anafarta Hills . Meanwhile it was hoped this would weaken or retain the Turkish Armies in front of Achi Baba and the 8th Corps there were to make a series of attacks with the endevour of getting through if possible.

Immediately my worst fears were realised and I felt absolutely certain the whole enterprise was doomed to be a bloody and disastrous failure. The numbers of Turks were estimated at I003/4 0000 [100,000?] in the Peninsula namely 36. 000 in front of Achi Baba. two Divisions at Bulair and one or two Divisions in front of Anzac. What these estimates were based on I cannot say but if the information is as bad as usual they are likely to be falsified within a few hours. During the night the crusiers Endymion and Thesus conveying the covering troops led the way out of Kephalo Bay followed by other vessels in succession. I do not know what time the Minneapolis sailed as I was asleep.

Sunday Saturday August 8th 7th
I was aroused at four thirty am by the sound of heavy firing from the shore and by Nevinson getting up. I stayed in bed a little longer but got on deck shortly after 5am. Dawn was just breaking. Through the

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