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own shell fire. He had just received a report on this p int from Col Allanson who led the final charge. He said that never had plans been so carefully laid and so well carried out and that success was almost within our grasp. I asked him if it would have been possible to have held onto the crest of Chunuk Bair if the enemy still had his guns on W Hill. He said 'I do not think we could have'. Later just as I was leaving he called be back and said 'In regard to your very pertinent question the enemy actually withdrwe their guns on W Hill for 24 hours after the 11th Division landed. They only returned them there when the advance failed to develop'. I was surprised at this statement and can hardly confirm it from what I saw myself. Both Sir Ian and Hamilton and Braithwaite seemed very friendly towards us. However Generals ofetn are when operations have not worked out as well as was hoped.

They promised at the same time to restore Maxwell to his former position of Chief Censor on our complaining that Delme-Radcliffe was not altogther satisfactory. He has also now left the camp so all the War Office schemes have been brought to nought. Qe are once more free nand unfettered. Once more our will or rather mine has prevailed. Russell has gone I am sorry to say Moseley has gone never to return and now Delme Radcliffe has been cleared out. This makes us just three in the mess except when Russell and Bean, who has been slighlty wounded are over here. Everything now seems fixed up in a satisfactory manner at any rate for the time being. I suppose fresh troubles will come in the future but there is no need to anticipate. We were told to keep ready for further movments which means they are going to have another try at'these positions. They do not stand a Dog's chance now

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