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returned from Suvla Bay but they have nothing to report. All is quiet at the front. Only Maxwell turned up for dinner as the others could not leave their ships.

September 11th
Anotherbhowling gale this morning with very cold weather for this time of year. Was feeling very seedy fever and stomach trouble and had to stay in bed all day. Very depressed and wish to go home. In fact I have writ en applying for a month's leave. Yesterday I went on board the Triad and saw de Roebeck and Commodore Keyes, I had a talk with them about the submarine exploits but they refuse to allow anything to be published at the present time. I believe there is something in the air. Some new move but could not wheedle it out of them.

Perhaps they are going to make another effort to force the Dardanelles with the Fleet, This is however rather unlikely on the face of it. Then there are steange rumours about the Japanese. Some say they are coming to the Dardanelles and others that they are hastening from VIadivostock and Dalny along the Manchurian railroad to assist Russia on the Polish frontire. What can one believe in these strange times. Nothing is to remarkable to turn out to be the truth.

Sunday September 12th
Still ill in bed and feeling rotten. Weather still bad and the Victory has been unable to sail for Mythelene so we are going to take passage by her to-morrow Monday at seven am. We were told at Headquarters that we could safely go away for a few days.

September 13th
Sailed in Victory at seven am. Weather became beautifully calm and

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