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submarine confirmed. Another terrible affair. Took many photographs and cinemetograph pictures. Sailed for Imbros with Nevinson Lawrence and Aubrey Herbert thoroughly warn out.

Wednesday August I8th
At Imbros. Went over to G.H.Q in morning and caught Sir Ian and Gen Braithwaite just as they were starting for Anafarta. Told to come back to-morrow. Saw Maxwell Radcliffe and Col Ward.The War Office are making trouble over the Cinemetograph Films. I am afraid they May try and stop me taking them. One would have thought they had enough troubles f their own to leave me alone. Saw Jack Churchill who seems to think we are in for a winter campaign for certain. He spoke bitterly of Stopford who he said had spoilt the entire plan my his delays. Gen Reid he discribed as a Military Cad who said on being remonstrated with 'Troops cannot advance without the support of their heavy artillery' when he had half the warships waiting for targets in the harbor behind him.

Thursday August 19th
Went to G.H.Q this morning and had very long interviews with Sir Ian and Braithwaite. They both seemed sovered and subdued but were very friendly. They promised to accilerate the dispatch of cables which are to go just as soon as Sir Ian has got off his offical reports. Sir Ian talked a good deal about the operations. He praised the Colonials and although he did not mentoon Stopford it was easy to see he was bitterly disappointed with the 9th Corps. He told me how the Gourkas had actually got on the Chunuk Bair Ridge and had chased the Turks down the further slopes only to be driven off agin by our

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