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Every precaution had been taken against an attack. It is really a pleasure tospend a few days at Anzac for the atmosphere is so different. It is the one spot where the Army has confidence in its general who is immensely popular with his men. The positions in front occupied by the Turks look enormously strong but they seem to feel they can take them if they are given reinforcements. Nous nous verrons. I dined with General Godley and had a very pleasant time. Afterwards Nevinson and I e went and visited General Birdwood who told us a number of interesting things. I slept outside Aubrey Herbert's Bombproof. There was firing all night and at two am very heavy riflefire which appeared to be an attack but in reality the Turks were only shooting at our men outside the trenches putting up barbed wire.

To my mind the Turks will certainly not make ageneral attack again after their heavy losses and certainly not until after the moon wains. There were so many bullets flying overheaf that I took shelter in Ross's Dug out for the remainder of the night. Had some interesting talks with Aubrey Herbert on the war. He seems to think our next big effort will be a failure. I am also convinced it will unless they launch it at Bulair.There were some shells fierd at the beach at Ilpm which is very unusual but I think the gunners were attracted by the lights of some trawlers landing stores. Dug outs are being made at Anzac for the reception of a new Division. I suppose this will be the 11th

Friday July 28rd
Jihad breakfast with the General and afterwards went out to the extreme left of the line along the beach through a communication trench which

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