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Friday September 3rd
I went to see General Reid at the 9th Corps Headquarters. I asked him to assign me a fresh site for my camp which he promised to do. He did not seem very cheerful about the prospects for the winter campaign. He said our losses from sickness would be enormous and that all the trenches would have o be rivetted otherwise it would be impossible to stay in them. He seemed to think the prospects for a further advance were out of the question. In the afternoon I went out to Lala Baba to call on the 10th Corps. I found Granard there. His hatred of G.H.Q beats anyone elses. He denounced Hamilton and said he could not be trusted a yard as he would pretend one thing before your face and then try and injure you in every sort of way behind your back.

This has been my experience too. He produced a long letter from Harry Lawson dated August 10th in which he Lawson stated definitely that Hamilton had written to him saying I was unsuitable as a Correspondent to him. This is probably quite true as I have always refused tonwrite to dictation and to lie at anyone request. He then told me that he Granard had written to Hamilton saying ''I feel it my duty as privy Councillor to write the truth of all that has occured out here to the King. Perhaps under these circumstances you would prefer that I should not serve under your command'' Hamilton replied that in wartime Privy Councillors did not count and that all became soldiers and left the matter at this. On the same day he telegraphed over to de Lisle stating that Granard's letters were to be censored like everyone else's. This was passed on from Corps Headquarters for Granard to see. He inatiled it and then

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