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Tuesday July 6th
went over to Helles on the 8-30 boat and saw Bettleheim on arrival, No sooner did we land than the enemy started shelling both from Asia and from Achi Baba. Life on the beach is hell. You never know when you May be hit. I rode out round the beach road to the Headquarters of the 29th Division. Wsa nearly hit going round the point. Then on up the Gully Ravine I came in for a further doing and the enemy nearly scored a direct hit on myself and my horse. War is hell. I returned to Bettleheim for lunch. Afterwards I went up and visited Hunter Weston. He and his staff are now completely dug in as they live continously under fire He gace me many details of the recent fighting and of the heavy losses of the Turks.

This last engagement has got back a lot of his old confidence and he is long ing to have another go at them. He told me the next move would be by the French and on our right where the trenches of the Naval Division are situated. He said it would take place in a few days time but I am inclined to think there will be no big move until large reinforcements arrive from England as these continous attacks on Achi Baba cost us enormous casualties. In the last engagement and subsecquent days fighting they amounted to over five thousand wounded not to mention killed. The General begged me to do everythingin my power to encourage the troops by talking to them and by looking cheerful when I went round the front lines. I said I would do by best but it is not very easy to look cheerful with houndreds of shells and bullets jepordising your existance morning noon and night. I heard whilst on the beach that the Triad had been hit by a shell from Asia two days before which wrecked

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