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be induced to land at the same time at Bulair in which case the success of the operations would be assured. Thus I obtained a very fair inkling of what will happen in the future in this aprt at least. Bettleheim and myself then visited Quinn's post Pope's Post and Courtenys. But for discription see elsewhere. We we[nt] round accompanied by Onslow Birdwood's A. D. C. I hear that the I3th Division of the New Army has now arrived and will shortly be landed on the peninsula. I returned to Imbros in the evening.

Saturday July 10th
I was very weary after my long day at Anzac in the great heat but went to G.H.Q in the morning and saw Maxwell and Col Ward. Afterwards I went on board the Triad to see Commodore Keyes. He told me I would be allowed up on a battleship to Constantinople when the right moment arrived. He also said he would try and have Carter made Post Master General at Mudros. I stayed to lunch with Admiral de Roebeck General Godley was present a very agreable man Many interesting things were discussed at lunch chiefly on the subject of Submarines. It seems very doubtful if they have got any after all. At least the Commodore seemed to think so. The great Submarine chase we witnessed as we came in yesterday was due to something having fouled one of the nets. I hear that 18 Monitors with heavy howitzers are expected. Had a very agreable time and drank iced Whiskys and Sodas of which I took too much and also a glass of port which made be very hot. Bathed in the evening.

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