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I then returned to the Carlton Hotel and tried to get my papers in some sort of order. At seven thirty I called for de Wend Fenton and we went up to Holly Lodge to dine. Irene Somers Saunderson and his wife and Lady Bagot were there. Afterwards we returned to the Carlton Hotel and de Wend Fenton stayed with me up to a late hour talking over various business matters.

Monday June I4th
This morning I left at 8-30 am for Paris. I met Brook at Boulogne and he introduced me to Lord Esher whom I had never met before. The journey to Paris has again improved and I arrived there on time at 6-30 pm. Madame D'lancey met me at the station and I put up at the Meurice Hotel. We dined out at Armenenville but there was hardly a soul there. How Paris has changed. One would hardly know it now.

Tuesday June I5th
I had to spend the day in Paris and did some shopping in the morning and lunched at the Ritz [with?] the head of our flying Corps in France who was on his way out to the Dardanelles to take over the command of all the Flying Corps there. At the Ritz I met the Chikas who told me Mrs Tevis had really married again. Also Mrs Leeds and John Drexell and a few other acquaitances. Warneford who destroyed the Zeppelin was also there. Alas he was killed while flying that same afternoon.
I left at 8-15 for Marseilles. Madame Dlancey came to see me off. Colonel Sykes was also on the train and several naval officers on their way out to Malta.

Wednesday June I6th
Arrived at Marseilles at 9-30 am. Met our Consul Gurney at the station

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