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does one extremely well. Melvil Inoften see too on the Raglann. This and bathing areour only recreations.

Thursday September 2nd.
This day I left for Suvla Bay accompanied by Brooks the Offical Photographer who has returned from England to take some Cinemetograph Pictures.I have a new Australian Servant called Macnabie to carry my effects, and the machine. On landing at Suvla after a very stormy voyage in a Trawler I found it much quieter that usual and the Turks were shelling A Beach very little. I found my kit still safe but my tent had been takenndown by order of the Camp Commandant Colonel Levinson on the ground that it might attract the enemy's shell fire. We went out to Chocolate Hill and from there on to the Green Hill getting right into the front trenches and seeing a real fight with the next Turkish Trench. This ought to make an excellent picture.

Our dead still lie out before our lines and I fear many of our wounded must also have perished. The 29th Division lost 2100 odd in their last useless assault on the 21st of August. I hear it was de Lisle who advocated their being brought up as he said 'a regular Division would simply walk over that position. Perhaps they might possibly have done so on the first day. Sir Julian Byng now commands the 9th Corps, de Lisle has gone back to the 29th Division. Marshall has gone to the 52nd. There has in fact been a general reshuffling of all the units. For instance the 13th Division have been brought over from Anzac and the 54th Territorials sent down in theit stead. Many generals have been sent home including Hammersley of the 11th which is now commanded by One

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