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were only two divisions at Buliar so I suppose that now their plan has failed they have decided on another to justify their action in the eyes of the Historian. Dawny said they expected this last attack to succeed because they did not think the enemy were stronly entrenched or had more than a division with which to oppose us. I said to him 'Have you had a look at Hill 112 it is absolutely covered with trenches. It is a great pity that G.H.Q dod not sometimes go out and have a look at things for themselves. Then they would know better what the troops have to face. There is a growing impression everywhere that the expedition is at an end for this year and that we must either withdraw or make preperations to winter in Gallipoli but as we have not got any sort of a base this will be extremely difficult and I am afraid May even lead to a disaster.

On arriving back in camp I found an urgent message from G.H.Q recalling us all to Imbros. Therefore on their return Nevinson Lawrence and self all left. We had to make our way to the beach under the usual infernal shell fire and I got one within ten yards high explosive which fortunately did me no harm except to make me fall over. A kind Providence seems to look after me out here but nevetheless I wish she would'nt run things quite so close as I do get so scared. We had to wait some time for the Teawler and I met Captain Unwin of the River Clyde who has been awarded the V.C I am glad to say. He tells me he has made the Authorities agree to having the landing beach shifted down to where we camp about a thousand yards further off from the enemy's guns where at least it will be out of sight if not out of range and a certain amount of cover will will also be available.

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