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has benn dug the whole distance. This part of the line causessome anxiety as it is felt that if the Turks attacked in force they might cut it off. However it is self contained for about a week and has the best water supply on the Anzac position. It is held by one battalion of New Zealand infantry and Three houndred Maoris. These are fine fellows to look at but they have not yet been tested in action. They strongly ressemble some of the Colonials. We stayed out at No 3 post all the morning and found it very interesting. On returning I lunched with some of the officers of the Staff and spent the remainder of the day taking cinemetograph pictures of the beach and piers. Aubrey Herbert having returned to Imbros I was able to utilise his dug out during the night but no attack came. At General Godley's Mess I heard some very free expressions of opinion on the conduct of the campaign and Sir Ian Hamilton's dispatch which has just been published came in for some very severe criticism. Never have I known a large army which had quite such a poor opinion of its chiefs. Sedition is rife. If such it can be called.

Saturday July 24th
Stayed at Anzac this morning spending the whole time on the beach trying to get Cinemetograph pictures of bursting shells amongst the bathers. It was exciting work. Over twenty were killed or wounded fifteen by one shrapnel.They started firing again just as Nevinson and I were leaving but fortunately we just managed to get out in an interval safely. Returned to Imbros and found Aubrey Herbert again. After dinner I went round with him to Colonel Hawker's and met Colonel Wilson

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