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look any brighter. In the evening I received a signal to say Sir Ian wished to see me on the following day and that our leave to go to Mythelene had been granted.

September 9th
Had to again postpone my trip to Anzac but sent off Brook and my servant Macnabee with the machine. On arriving at G.H.Q. I saw Sir Ian who said the War Office had telegraphed out forbidding anyone but the Official Photographer to take pictures. He said he considered this absurd and told me I might go on taking them. This was extremely nice of him. In fact he went out of his way to be agreable. I am afraid poor man his position is so precarious that he is anxious to seize any means in his power of making friends. I asked him about the future of the campaign but he was very guarded in his reply saying 'There are events in the air but I do not know if I am right in telling you as mucheven as this' Personally I do not think he himself knows what the decision of the Cabinet will be. They have sent Dawny home to explain it but a more unfitting choice could hardly have been made. Dawny is ignorant and stupid.

September 10th
I went on board the Victory and collected by goods having arranged for a dinner party this evening. I do not know if my guests will be able to get off their ships as the weather is so bad. For four days it has blown a gale from the north and this harbor at Kephalos is worse than useless under such conditions. Ross tuened up from Anzac looking very ill. He says the conditions of life there are horrible at the present time. All Godley's Staff are ill. Nevison and Lawrence also

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