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failed to raise him.

Wednesday December 1st
Arrived Glasgow 2 p.m. lectured 8 p.m. to a very fine audience.
Thursday December 2nd
Arrived Edinburgh 11.20. Stayed at the Caledonian Hotel. Lectured at 8 p.m. and just caught the 9.30 train to Glasgow. Transferred to the 11.55 for Larne, and crossed the Irish Channel to Belfast.
Friday December 3rd
Arrived Belfast 5 a.m. Went to stay with the Chichesters at Ormiston. Lectured in a new building the Presbyterian Assembly rooms at 8 o'clock. A very fine hall and a fair audience.
Saturday December 4th
Spent day in Belfast. Found the position in Ireland highly unsatisfactory, the majority of the people longing for the war to end so that they can continue their old internal struggle over home rule. Recruiting is poor both in Ulster and in the Nationalist districts. Chichester tells me that the farmers are making so much money that they will not join the army. Left at 6 p.m. and crossed to England.

Sunday December 5th
Arrived in London at 10 a.m. Got through a good deal of work. Gina dined with me.
Lectured at Tunbridge Wells afternoon and evening. The place was in total darkness and it is utterly impossible to get about at night The reason for this absurd state of affairs is that some time ago a Zeppelin dropped a bomb by mistake (for not even a German would waste a bomb on Tunbridge Wells), which exploded in a garden, frightened on old lady's tame canary, so that it has lost its voice and' can no longer sing.

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