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arrange an interview. I was kept very busy all the rest of the afternoon. In the evening Gina dined with me and we went to the Palace afterwards going round to see Elsie Janis. Afterwards we ended up with supper at the Carlton.

Tuesday June 8th
All this day I was kepy busy at a thousand odd jobs having to arrange matters with the Daily Telegraph and see Hughes Massie. Everybody was attempting to get me to dine or lunch and to get the latest news from the Dardanelles but I resolutely declined to talk except to offical people. Marie Lohr and her husband lunched with me togther with Audrey Frederick Palmer and de Wend Fenton. In the afternoon Gina came to see me. I was kep occupied all the afternoon but at seven dined with de Wend Fenton at Ciro's which was empty but the dinner was quite good.

We then went to His Majesty's to the first night od Knoblaugh' s new p play entitled Marie O'Deil. It was poor insipid studd at such a crisis in the world's history. In fact I can sum it up in two lines, I do not think I ever saw such poor inspid tosch. For it does'nt show a woman and it does'nt show a boche.
Marie Lohr made the best of a thankless task. It will not run a month that I will guarantee. I met Lady Paget and Lady Cunard at the play. The latter could'nt get in and asked me to tea on the following day. Afterwards I went to supper with the Janiss Basil Hallam and de Wend at Ciro's. But these night clubs are rotten without drink and we could not get one

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