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and we kept it up until very late. Gina, Teddy Gerard, Phylis Monkman, and many others were there. I drove back to Maida Vale and I was so weary that instead, of returning to ray flat, I slept on the sofa in the drawing room all night, and only just woke up in time to keep a number of important appointments.

Tuesday December 21st
It was today, not Sunday, that the withdrawal from Anzac and Suvla Bay was announced. It was also this morning that I saw Northcliffe and Rothermere and also Harry Lawson, who was very anxious for me to go to the Western Front for him on my return from Australia. I went down and saw Sir George Reid, who promised to send me lett ers to various people in Australia, and I lucnhed with him and General Walker, the Commander of the First Australian Division at Anzac at the Senior. We had an interesting discussion on the whole situation. I was rushed all day, because I did not see how I could get off by tomorrow, but on going around to Cook's at 4.30 I found that the sailing of the "Baltic" had been postponed. Went around in the afternoon and saw E.R. to say Good bye. Fenton and myself dined at Stratton Street and had a long discussion with B.C. about the desirability of publishing the three documents.

Wednesday December 22nd
I went out to Coombe this morning with Murdoch and Northcliffe and played golf, I had a great match with N who beat me on the last hole. He promised to publish my memorandum to the Cabinet and suggested that it should be sent in by B.C. I saw him later in the day about it and he raised innumerable objections, but finally consented. In the evening I dined with Fenton at Ciros and to my amazement, who should be sitting there with his wife but Winston. This is rather soon to make a return from Elba and I cannot see what has induced him to come back at this stage. He glared at me

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