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Thursday April 8th
We had an Australian transport come alongside this morning and I seized the opportunity of going on board and having a talk with some of the officers and men. It is the first time that I had met them, and they struck me as being a very fine lot. The physique of the men is remarkable. We had nothing like it in our Army, except perhaps some of the picked Guards Battalions. They invited me to lunch, but suddenly a signal was made to the "Sunik", and both Lawrence and I were to repair on board the "Triumph" at 3 o'clock that afternoon, and that she would sail to a certain destination immediately. This news filled our hearts with joy, and we saw visions of naval engagements and terrific fights with the forts. We hastily packed our belongings and then the launch came to fetch us. On arriving on board the "Triumph" we were introduced to her Captain, Fitzmaurice, who welcomed us in a friendly manner.

We then went to the Wardroom and had lunch, and the "Triumph" sailed for Tenedos. The Captain told me that there one of us would be transferred to another ship. On arriving off Tenedos orders came for one of us to go to the battleship "London", but it did not specify which of us. A signal was then made to Admiral Bailey, and he replied that I was to go to the "London". So having bid farewell I transferred myself and my belongings to my new home, where I was destined to remain for three very pleasant and historic weeks. Her Captain is called Armstrong and is a most charming man, and I found the Wardroom very agreeable. I little knew how much this transferrence to the "London" would mean to me, because as it turned out afterwards she was one of the vessels which covered the landing of the

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