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passage was delightful. We sailed quite close to the coast of Asia passing Rabbitb Island and Tenedos. Some of out Monitors were behind the island and bombarded the coast of Asia from time to time. The Turks as a reprisial dropped a shell close to Tenedos. We arrived at
Mytelene at seven pm. It is a most beautiful island. There are said to be seventy thousand Greek refugees from Asia minor there. From all accounts there have been horrible doings in Asia ever since war broke out and the Turks have been killing the Armenians and Greeks very freely. We went to stay at the Grande Bretagne Hotel. A vile spot where I could get no sleep being bitten by strange animals all night.

September I4th
At Mytelene. Passed the morning looking round. In afternoon drove out with Lawrebce and Ross to some baths kept by a German where we had a bath. They are thick iron coloyred water flowing from the Hills and very salty but reported to be very good for rhemutasism.

September I5y
At Mytelene. Still feeling ill. Have seen all the latest papers from England containing my cables. They have been made a great show of. It would seem as if our lack of success is beginning to cause some sensation at home. The appaling lists of casualties is all they hear and never of a victory which is what everyone wants. Went for a walk up the hills by the town and had a splendid view of the island. It is extremely beautiful. But the women are all ugly. Went to the Turkish baths in the afternoon. Captain Grant of the Canopus which ship has beennhere since June and the Consul Heskett Smith dined withnus.

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