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been broken up and its units distributed amongst the remnants of the 29th Division. These were all the forces we had in Southern Gallipoli when I left the front. The Lowland Division of Territorials was due to arrive. The French force had been brought up to the strength of two Divisions or twenty-four Battalions. Of these troops, the Division which first landed has lost very heavily. The troops are bad and liable to sudden panics. They seem incapable of consolidating and holding a position after it has been won. The worst offenders are the Senegalese Infantry, who are all right in attack as long as their European officers are with them but who are useless without them. The 175th Regiment of the line is somewhat immature.

The Foreign Legion are perhaps the best, followed by the Colonial Infantry. But the heart of the French is not in the job. They never fight the same off their own soil and in this expedition they feel they have nothing to gain for themselves and are merely pulling chestnuts out of the fire for others. The tension which existed between the higher commands has been relieved by the departure of General D'Amade. That General seems to have gone off his head very early in the proceedings. General Gouraud apparently enjoys the confidence of the army. Thus, it will be obvious that our forces in Southern Gallipoli, as at present constituted, are not in a position to resume the offensive against Achi Baba on an ambitious scale, The arrival of the Lowland Division will relieve the

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