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Thursday July I5th
At Imbros. Completed cables of the last fight. I do not know what value these will be as apparently Sir Ian Hamilton acts as his own Correspondent now and sends everything in a long time ahead. Brooks came ashore and we tried the cenimetograph. I hope we shall be able to work it. There have been rumours for some time that there is to be a change in the command and that Smith Dorien is coming out. There are also rumours that Winston is coming this way to have a look round.

Friday July I5th
This morning I rode up to the village of Panaghia with Bean and Ross. A long hot ride over exercribable ground but good water on the way. Not much to see when one gets there but we had a good lunch at a small hotel kept by one George Christie and managed to buy some good light wine from Athens. When I reached camp again I found a note from Brooks to say he was returning to England for a few days. I went on board the Exmouth and saw him and also the Admiral. This is a great nuisance just when I had got the cenimetograph fixed up all right.

Saturday July I7th
Wrote a long article on the Anzac position which I sent in. I went to G.H.Q. Have not been very well for the last few days. The heat and discomfort are intolerable. Received a letter from Carter stating he had been appointed Postmaster at Mudros with the rank of Lieutenant. Part of the 11th Division of the New Army have arrived here. The men came out in the Aquitania which they state was missed in the channel by ten yards by a torpedo. What a cop she would have been.

Sunday July I8th

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