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Gallipoli at once for Salonica. Hamilton thought for a moment and then replied "Oh, one Division, say 20,000." Joffre then answered "But General, you have already announced that not a man could be taken off without incurring a grave disaster". He then turned his back on Hamilton. As a matter of fact, Joffre's visit is in connection with the Salonica Expedition. I denounced this both in the "Sunday Times" and in my lecture at the Queen's Hall asbeing utterly useless, because it had been undertaken too late, and that the Serbians would be driven out of the country before we could ever strike, with a sufficient force to render them any practical assistance. This has caused a fierce fight in the Press and there are grave internal disensions in the Cabinet. Carson has atlength resigned, after refusing to take part inthe last three or four Cabinet Councils. It is understood that he will make a statement after the Prime Minister's on Monday. After dinner I went down by train to Temple but there was such a dense fog that I arrived two hours late, and did not get in until 2 a.m. I was no sooner in bed than I was seized with horrible sickness, and was sick all through the night, so that I am now more than ever convinced that there is something radically wrong with me.

Saturday October 30th
Kerr Seymore and Fenton came down but it poured all day.

Sunday October 31st
Another terrible day. We motored over to Redding and lunched with Harry Rodgers. He was just the same as ever, and has rejoined some regiment which seems to have done him good. He told me he was having great trouble with Loughbourgh, who is in Egypt and who will continue to spend unlimited sums of money. He is hoping that his marriage with the Australian girl will put matters

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