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long talk with them both until 1 am and then stayed on board for the night. I told the Admiral almost everything that had occured in England. They were much interested

Friday June 25th
Went on shore and reported myself at Headquarters. These are now established on a bare sandy slope exposed to the sun and swept by storms of winds and sand. A horrible spot in fact. I saw the Chief of the Staff who explained to me that all correspondents were now to make their headquarters at Imbros on K Beach about a mile from Headquarters. That we were now under the exclusive control of the Army and had nothing further to do with the Navy. I found at once rather a hostile attitude towards me. I knew this would be so on account of my visit home. They are a lot of sensitive children and fear any form of criticism. As a matter of fact I have criticised no one neither by word or in print. But they know I have seen the heads of the Government and that is what they dislike. I then saw Maxwell who explained there had been a series of intrigues against me to prevent my return at all costs but these unfortunately from there standpoint failed to materalise owing to the safeguards I took at home and the intense desire on the part of the Government who knew I was aware of all their plans to get me out of the country as soon as possible. I played my cards very I carefully and had calculated on all this before hand. All the Junior members of the Staff Pollen Churchill George Lloyd etc were very friedly and anxious to know the latest news. It is amongst the Seniors that I forsee trouble. I saw Sir Ian Hamilton for a moment but he told me to

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