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give anybody else the benefit of my experiences. The Admiral said that we had better stay on the "Sunik" for a day or two until accomodation could be found for us on warships. We then left the "Queen Elizabeth", the Admiral inviting us both to lunch on board the next day, and promising to send a launch, to fetch us.

Tuesday April 6th
I spent the morning on board the "Sunik", and a little before 1 o'clock, the launch came and took us to the "Queen Elizabeth", where we found quite a large party assembled, and
I was introduced to Captain Burke, Colonel Doughty Wyley. Admiral de Roebeck then reminded me that the last time we had met was at the great supper party, given by Princess Hatzfeldt in honour of Elsie Janis's first appearance at the Palace. After luncheon, I had a long talk with Commodore Keyes, who gave me very many interesting details of the great fight on March 18th. and the reasons for its failure.

Wednesday April 7 th.
Remained on board the "Sunik" but managed to get a boat ashore in the afternoon. Lawrence and I took a walk and climbed some of the hills to have a look at the island. When we got down to the shore again, we had no means of getting back to the "Sunik" which lay a long way off. However, we found a number of officers of the "Triumph" going back to their ship, and we asked them where they could send us off to ours.
We went as far as the "Triumph " with them and they invited us down to the Wardroom to have a drink, an offer we were very glad to accept. Later on they sent us back to the "Sunik".

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