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sent it back. Hamilton hates Granard like poison because he knows that nothing can stop his corresponding directly with the King and in telling him the truth. Granard sent in his next letter and received a note back from Ellison the Quartermaster General saying that he himself had sent it off. This shows how G.H.Q love one another. Never in fact was an army in a more deplorable state of moral disintegeration. I then saw General Mahon and told him I was glad to see him back. He then started complaining bitterly of the manner in which he had been treated and how even no his division was broken up one Brigade being kept at Anzac. He said that both Hamilton and Braithwaite ought to go and that only that would restore confidence in the army. This 10th Division lothe and detest G.H.Q.

They were expecting a visit from Sir Ian and his Staff, at four o'clock. Avout this time a few shells came over Lala Baba so all the Staff kepy saying 'Now none of that gang will turn up'. As a matter of fact they did when the shelling had ceased. The meeting was not cordial for they get no change out of old Mahon. Most of his Staff instead of going out to meet the Commander in Chief stayed in their dugouts. They saw Brooks and myself up there and this made them still more angry. The visit was very short and then G.H.Q cleared off to Suvla to dinner to everyone's relief. Mahon said when they had gone 'He told me that in a very few days we should hear some very good news. I said what will that news be do you think. Mahon replied. I know no more than you but the only good news would be that he has been relieved of his command' I stayed for tea at Headquarters and met Powiscourt Headtfort and Tullarbidine who has just

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